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Tuna-green peas Quesadilla:


yaaaaayyy😃😃!! Here comes my 50th post in this blog…I still recollect the day i wrote my first post Easy Lunch-Grilled Kingfish fast time goes!! Just can’t believe I am posting my 50th recipe..
till now the journey was super exciting and cool..a big thanks and Love to my hubby and kid😊, who gave me full freedom and support to experiment in the kitchen.. 😳😋and the best presentation images are being clicked by my dear hubby…he even replaced my old laptop with a brand new1..❤❤😊!!guyz.,now a days he is learning the FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY technics and tips for this blog pics…without him I can’t do all this..Then im so thankful to my dad and mom.. They used to ask me why can’t you try this and that??!! everyone says that i got cooking skills and taste from my dad, who is an amazing cook..

my friends…

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13 thoughts on “Tuna-green peas Quesadilla

      1. kait

        Lol, no, but cooking things and my own self jus don’t really mix. 😉 I tried to defrost a frozen peice of bread in the microwave for 30 seconds, went outside to get my dad for dinner, came back into the house n smelled something burning.. upon opening the microwave, the bread was charcoal. Like….. burnt so bad the houses stank of burning bread for days on end. Lol n that was only the microwave.


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