Well, That was embarassing!


To all and anybody that watch that Spain match today will now know how shocking and surprising Football can be! Don’t pretend you weren’t surprised even if you were rooting for Netherlands you probably didn’t expect them to murder Spain the way they did. This has never happened to any World Cup winners, EVER! Not even when Brazil lost his winning streaks now even when random team won this well let me told you no one seen this coming. Not even Netherland itself! The Netherlands started playing defense for most of the first half and then realized how they didn’t have to when they scored toward the end of the first half. The second half well, that’s when the massacre began! It felt like I was watch a completely different game! It was just Goal after Goal and there no stopping it! I wanted Spain to lose but to this level? I don’t know. If I am being honest well I freaking Glad it did! Loss of Spanish fans were trash talking to Brazil’s fan when they clearly won! I hated Spain for winning the last Cup and was just waiting for the opportunity to prove to all of those Spanish fake fans how not so great they were. No trash talk is need here. Well Netherlands may have over did it but I was sweet to watch! The same fate might be reserved for the rest in that group or even my favorite team Brazil! Well…I might be sad or happy but in the end one thing that no one will complain about in this World Cup is how entertain it was. My mind is now ready for the impossible. 😀


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