World Cup 2014!!!


Well I don’t know about but being the world cup has always been my favorite event of the year whenever it came every four years. This year once again FIFA will stop at nothing to express their cooperate greed by taking the most amount of money and times they can from much as much as possible. I mean who doesn’t get excited when thirty-two country around the globe gets together every four and fight to call themselves “the best on the world”. I said football because it’s the right way to call so all you twats out there saying “uh here in America it’s called soccer” I say to suck it! No one cares how you call it! It was football before you stole it and gave it to some random sport that only you guys care about.

Anyways I am really excited for this one just like most people who watch it because it is finally being held in the country that has won it the most…BRAZIL! Or Brasil which by the way is both considered to be correct. The kickoff is going to be this Thursday at 4:00 pm standard eastern time. Brazil is playing Croatie (in French) or Croatia. I am a Brazil fan and has always been and it’s not just because they are arguably the best country (football wise) but because they made a huge part of my childhood. I learn to root for that country before I could ever write my own name! The reason why I think root for these guy is because my own country in them. I was happy when they won and sad when they lost. Trash talk about their rivals this team has been a big part of my life. I think I need to write an article on why I like Brazil because there is a lot to say. Anyways there is a lot of great teams this years as always. I only have one complain. Why the heck in group G so darn hard, well you know the one USA is on. I don’t really care about them but other teams like Portugal, Ghana might have to go home. That makes me sad when a team has such great potential have to go home. I am not worried about Germany because we all know they make it to the final or at least third round no matter what. I heard people talking about how hard group D is and some even call it the group of death. It’s pretty bad but it’s still not as bad as group G. Maybe I am saying this because I don’t care about any of team in there. My top five teams are Brazil (obviously), Germany, Ghana, Australia and the amazing Iran. My top five worst or hated team aren’t bad team they actually are pretty good but I hate them for personal reason so if like them then well you just don’t see the world like I do, France, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, USA. I will make two other post in the weeks to come to explain why I hate or love those ten teams.

In conclusions I feel like this world cup might be one to remember because some guys will go home too early while others who aren’t that great will stay. I think it’s great even when Brazil might not win. Heck I think it’s great even when that fact still remains: the only thing I think is making the hype around this world cup is mostly the fact it is being held in Brazil. So! For those who don’t really care about football or hate the fact the U.S. will inevitably go home early once again. I am telling you not to worry and just enjoy when your football friend talking about how angry they when their favorite team goes home too. That always seem to make me feel better. What I really want to know now is what your thoughts on Football are? What are your thought on the corporate greed of FIFA? Or the million dollar…Who do you think is going to Win?! Let me know in the comments bellow!



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