2014 World Cup Preview: Historical Analysis

Agadjanian Sports

In all kinds of sports, historical precedent always end up factoring into tournament or playoff results; upon looking back at the outcome in retrospect, a pattern or trend of some sort invariably pops up. Of course, the challenge of prognosticating sporting events in this way pertains to recognizing patterns from the past, and applying them to the present, before they manifest themselves on the playing field. Even before intricately analyzing each team and its players in a tourney, it’s worthwhile to devote some time to evaluate an upcoming sports event with knowledge of its preceding history in hand. In this current season that has the exposure and popularity of sports flourishing on several fronts–which is rarely the case in the summer period–with the NBA Finals, the NHL Stanley Cup Finals, and the World Cup all within 11 days of commencing, the concept of historical precedent has several potential applications. But the World Cup is not an annual tournament…

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