Moment of Glory


My heart is racin’ fast
Adrenaline singin’
The wind tearin’ at me
To my horse I’m clingin’

The crowd cheerin’ us on
From the grand-stands they watch
A single-minded creature
We kick it up a notch

Roundin’ the next barrel
That’s a sight to behold
The crowd’s goin’ crazy
We’re goin’ for the gold

My dream is playin’ out
My knuckles turin’ white
This creature is racin’ on
The reigns I’m grippin’ tight

Sixteen seconds out there
Three wood barrels rounded
Both horse and rider spent
The crowd is astounded

The joy is contageous
Spreadin’ through me like fire
Bliss showin’ in our step
I lift our trophy higher

By: The countrygirrl follow her @


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