It gives an idea to the soul,
to hope the world will accept you
Only to lose yourself, and lose control.

Is when your heart is hungry to find Peace and Happiness. To only find you’ve gone so long without it you have starved.

where is this so called hope,
When the people in Africa are starving?.
Is there hope for them,
When they are dying
And there children are crying?.

Where is the hope for a little girl who has lost her parents?
How do you explain to her that her mom is gone and her dad is too.
To look into those eyes longing to understand, to say you are now alone, now what place can she call her home?

Where is it!,
I demand to know. 

What gives you hope?
How about when you go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning, that gives you hope.

When you go into surgery, and they tell you that you might die but you don’t. 

Why hope when you can let your body shrivel up and wither away?
Your soul to loose the light that it seeks to a pit of darkness.

The people that have hope are strong.
The people that have hope are humble.
The people that have HOPE are the people we need…

Without hope we are nothing but a soulless hollow shell. 


By: EternalyImperfec follow her @ http://allpoetry.com/EternalyImperfec


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