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A Sumptuous Breakfast

U Be Cute

Sunset in Goa I fry the setting sun in a saucepan,
Constantly waddling the edges,
So it won’t burn,
Then let it slip gracefully onto my plate,
And fork the gooey center,
Until it bursts;
The Brilliant sun melting into the blue Horizon,
Forever gone.

Until Tomorrow.

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Why is the word forever unknown.
something you have to find on your own.
I can’t tell you when, I can’t tell you how, but I vow it can be found.

why is in an obvious place, yet to be discovered.
something too easy to uncover once you’ve got the clues.
I can say it’s in plain sight, but that’s not right.

why is something you can’t see, or hear.
something so close to me, so dear.

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