Weekly Review: The Nice bus

ImageToday we review the NY Long Island system AKA “Nice” bus (Nassau Inter County Express). Now before I begin I would like to have a big disclaimer, not everyone are bus is as described that was just my personal experience. If you’ve ever have the pleasure to take the bus in any parts of The New York City area you will find yourself saying nothing more than this simple phrase, “This sucks”. The NICE bus couldn’t any ironically wrong! Before I finish bashing the company let me give you a little history on the darn thing. This company was born in 2011 when it’s original owner (The MTA). This transition happened because of money dispute in the MTA and the county losing money, The Company is now under the management of Viola transportation. Depending on the bus you take, you might actually find this Bus Company enjoyable (you know the ones that are mostly empty and rarely pass by). But if you took notorious ones such as the “N6” you should always be ready for an awful time. These buses are usually late (at least for me they always are anyway), they usually are overflow with people like the freaking subway on rush hour time. I blame the company for not having enough bus to pass more frequently. The buses that are usually crowed are the worst because the drivers tend to drive extremely slow, have terrible attitude and have the worst possible people on the entire island boarding it! I remember once taking the N6 where the driver was yelling at an old lady because she was a quarter short on the bus fare ($2.25). The lady seem like she was about to cry because she was so embarrassed and everyone was looking at her like she was a scammer. I never understand why the driver have to do all the drama with the far I mean it’s not like they get a freaking raise every time someone pays the bus, it make dang difference I will now give you the perfect sitting chart for a crowded bus. The front sits are usually for the elderly or handicaps the middle sits well are okay for the most part unless if you take the bus at night. And the back, oh man the back is where you meet the worst possible weirdo sand douchbags. They are loud! Always on the phone talking about things in their life you’re not sure if you should be listening to. I don’t blame the divers or the company for this but it’s really annoying. The bus station (the one in Hempstead) is you typical public place, people smoking where they are not supposed to, bathrooms that looks like hell, and good for nothing security guards. Over all I think that the Nice bus is like your typical local piece of crap Bus Company that you can’t do anything about no matter how many complains you file. I give this company an “I can live way better without this” rating. If you want a real “nice” bus take the Suffolk county bus transit, those buses are awesome.


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