Young Love- A memory..

Memories that last much longer
Moments that are much sweeter
For me, are mostly secrets;
Are conversations made in silence.

Memories that behold sights, 
Of him busy and mostly quiet 
Of him stealing a glance off me  
As I feel worthy to be even seen. 

Memories of feelings and privacy, 
not at all to be told;
Hardly known even to him,
Whom they dearly hold.

However whether he knows or not
Always remains the only doubt 
To which either of the answers 
Invites equal disquiet.

Memories of places where we were 
Close enough to each other
To make it noticeable to our hearts 
that instantly caught fire.

So, some more time to see,
Longer eye contacts to be, 
Feeling silly after the stare
And a bit more misery I just can’t bear. 

To relish these memories 
That last forever,
Get even richer,
Were made in secret 
And shared in silence.

By: Miss Tintin


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