Why I can’t call you home, Great City


Will I  ever feel one day  at home?

Is there a place where I belong?


Technology City is your name

Your icy cold  winters burn my nose

But it’s beautiful when it snows


Your summers are hot

Hotter than a tropical island

Excuse for women to walk naked in your land


You have buildings as tall as mountains

square, round, thin, or thick. Cause of the sun or lights

they glitter and shine like the stars days & nights


Your houses are like the ones in movies

Cheminee, happy families, green grass

Like a dream come true, like a fake paradise


Your cities are great views from afar

And that’s where it’s best to stay

Because up close I feel like a prey


Why your movies have to be so real?

Why your children’ role models are inside a screen?

Why do they apply make up as if it’s suncream?


Why do your women no longer want respect and real love?

They strip to be free and starve when they’re thick?

Why do they have to look like a toothpick?


Why do you even bother preach about freedom?

Because you force other cities  to look like you

Their culture, politics, economy just like you


It’s because your ways are twisted

Your mind is twisted and so is your tong

You don’t know what is right or wrong


You think all your ways are right

You ask me to be myself and yet

Silence me and treat like an unwanted pet


You only do things according to the law

You pretend to be strict

But it depends who’s the convict


Justice is blind

Justice can’t see

But it depends who’s guilty


The justice lady to be fair,

Has to stop peeking under her blindfold

And change the scale that she holds


Once upon a time there were two dogs

One a mini-god the other a mortal

Both bit because both lost moral


One was sentenced to death

The other sentenced  for treatment

While both was equally dangerously violent


The one who got “treated” is not the problem

But why the other one had to die?

Death penalty? Really? Justice is such a lie


Justice is all about vengeance
someone to blame, fake justice advertized

That’s right, Keep pretending you’re civilized


I wanted to belong here

But something felt so wrong

So I will move on

By: Steph follow her on google.com/+StephaniaBonnet

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