Announcements and some Apologies!!!

Hey whole head (I am still trying to find out what the heck to call you guys and suggestions are welcomed). I had a few announcements to make first off I would like to apologize for me not posting my poems like I use too. It’s just that I’ve been busy with school a lot (yes, you’ll ear that excuse a lot from me). I know you miss my good old sappy cheese poems so I decided to get back to them soon. I’ll try to see if I can post some next week. oh and i also wanted to say sorry for not posting anything yesterday, especially the new chapter to “Story time”. I will make up for it by doing a double episode at some point when I get the chance well there good news for guys tho for those still clueless about “Story Time” well brace yourself because this series is about to take a level you didn’t know it could!!! While I exited for that I will be featuring my good friend Erin Kayleen Yates‘s short story soon.  and lots if more to come! I also want to announce a new segment for this page I’d like to call AQA (a quick advice). If you haven’t guessed it yet It’s just some ranting and advising I will be giving you guys daily. Well that’s all I got for now, keep calm and enjoy spring! or whatever you’re suppose to celebrate this month/season.


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