I know.

I understand. You may think I don’t
But I do.
I know the pain, I’ve felt it too.
I felt, the waves of pain crash down
I know you’ve looked,
you’ve looked for help all around.

But they don’t see you or me,
Because they can choose what they see.
But us we can fight and die,
in one deep breath.
But who would win besides death?

I thought of her, my sister. A child
And I stopped.
How could I not, it is not easy or hard
Just think of all the people you would scar.
And remember. I’ve seen the pain,
felt it to. But the only person who can save you.
Is you.

And I know you, I know you’re strong
I’ve known you can win this fight all along.
Stand up and be counted, we all have the choice
Remember everyone has a voice.

BY: QueenOfIreland follow her on http://allpoetry.com/QueenOfIreland


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