Story time! episode one!

Chapter 1: The big mango.

It was a big sunny morning in the forest…it seemed to be sunnier than ever since it rained the night before. The master woke everybody early for the morning training in the big tree. “My children you must learn that everything as its reason and that everything action has its reactions. It’s with it this that…” the master suddenly stopped by shin’s snoring and threw a rock to his head. Shin’s fell from his branch and shuddered. “I am awake I am awake”. “It’s like shin’s habit to sleep during my class lesson” the master replied “it is bound to be severely punished for his action by doing the classroom cleaning to day”. “What…not Again, I been doing it forever now. I wasn’t even sleeping this time I promise”. Sarah giggled a little but stopped one her eyes crossed the master’s furious’ eyes. “You’ll Also clean the bathroom this time too” said the master. “Yes! I finally have nothing to do now” said Jane. “That’s not fair do these guys don’t have anything but I have to do all the work?” complained shin. “That’s because they actually do what you’re supposed to do and you don’t”. After class shin was cleaning the rooms while the other we practicing their move for the day’s challenge. Jane came in the room. “Why aren’t you practicing with your other teacher’s pet?” ask shin mumbling. “We are not teacher’s pets and I only came here to look for my staff” reply Jane. “Yes you are, you guys always get what you want from the master but I never get anything” complain shin. “That’s cause all you do is sleep eat and never try to do anything else…you’re the one messing yourself up”. “That’s because it’s what I want…I never wanted to come to this island to become a master in fighting or anything that asks for work….I only came here to do one thing eat and sleep. You guys actually care and want to get stronger…I don’t all I ask is peace and food is that too much to ask” explained shin. “You’re right but you should know what is the master always say?” asked Jane. “Stop sleeping you bomb! That’s what he always tells me”. “No…he always tells us that in life if you want something you have to earn it do you know it means?” asked Jane once more. “Is it to let the master slave drive you as much as possible if you want to live”? “No shin…it means to work hard to accomplish your ambitions…if you want to eat sleep like you say you going to work hard for that”. “but I hate work…why would I do its worst…hard work that’s my advice to you” shin said with a miserable face.” “Well in this island or die” said Jane as she left the room. “I am going to die” shin thought to himself. A short instant after the master called all the students to take part of the daily challenge. “Today I am going to show you how the staff can be your greatest ally in certain adversity”. “Master the staff isn’t the staff the weakest weapon ever…it does so little damage to an opponent” said Marc. “That may be true…but your theory will be proven wrong soon enough. Your task today is to get that giant mango on the mango tree that lies in the top of this hill” the master pointed. At this moment shin awoke from his sleep and said “well what are we waiting for…let’s go”. The kids at the time didn’t know this but shin’s favorite thing to do in the whole world is to eat mango…especially when it’s a big one. “Geez why got him all exited” wondered Jane. Once they got to the tree the master said “well Marcus why don’t you try to use your sword to take that fruit”. Marc took a big jump on a branch but got know down but was pushed down by a moving vine from the tree. “The tree is alive? Ha. Don’t matter I can still kill it with my sword” said Marcus surprised but confident. He cut down five vines but every time he cut it they quickly regrew again, and knocked him down anyway. He tried different approach with his sword but ended with the same result each time. “Now use the staff and do the techniques that I taught you last week”. Marc angrily picked up the staff and did what the master told him. He successfully then took the mango fruits that was on the top. “Now I hope you my children today have learned that not everything can be solved by a sharp weapon…because he had used the sword the vines keep on growing but because he used the staff when he hit their numbers remained the same cause of the staff affect, now you two are next” explained the master. “Let’s get this party started” shin said with excitement. “I’ll go first” said Jane calmly. She took the staff and easily took out the mango out of the tree. Shin just jump on the tree without even taking the staff but was quickly pulled on the leg by the tree’s vines. He then took the staff and tried take it but still failed. “I see that you can’t take the fruit shin, oh yes you can’t take that fruit cause you were not paying any attention to me when I was teaching it last week. I guess there won’t be any breakfast for you at all for you this morning” the master said as he left. It has already been an hour since the master left and shin was still trying to get his breakfast. Shin had tried every way he knew to trying to get that fruit. He even tried to use the sword. Jane came back again and yelled “are you an idiot? You’re doing the exact thing the master said not to do!!!”. “Give me a break here…I don’t care about that old man and its stupid rules, I got to eat” he cut one of the vines but two more grew and hit him in his face. “Why did that happened?” wondered shin. “That’s because you never listen…You imbecilic!!!” replied Jane angrily. “I give up there’s no way I am going to get eat I could go where the trolls are and fight them for food but these teacher’s pet won’t help me. I would eat these other fruits but most of them are poisonous…I am just going sit there and die. I guess this how I die uh, am I am just so young” said shin while he subbed into a deep depression. “Stop whining you pansy…I am going to teach how do execute the techniques but this will be the first and last time” said Jane. “Really you will help me?” said shin with great joy. “Yes…only in two condition first you must become my slave for a month” ordered Jane. “I would rather die here then” shin subbed again. “Fine one week and second you must pay attention in class in the future or I won’t help you next time, got it?” Jane screamed. “Fine” said shin in resignation. “The key to this technique is you posture like this and the lesson he taught two weeks ago” said Jane. “I remember bits and piece partly because the master us train next to the lava…how can I sleep in such condition?” complained shin. “Yes anyways you basically do the lave move in this stand and you’ll get it eventually” explained Jane. Shin practiced for about thirty minutes and finally took his mango. “I did it!!!” screamed shin. “Good, now go do my laundry slave!” ordered Jane. “Okay” shin agreed sadly as he finished his mango. “I hope you had now learned you lesson today shin” asked the master. “Of course I did, to day I learned that girls are slave drivers” complained shin. “That really wasn’t it” said the master. “Hurry up you bomb…clean my room next!” Jane said. “So this is what happened when you’re a lazy bomb” Marc said. Shin and his friends had many other adventures in that island way better than this one actually but all that is to be told in another story…

Definitely not the end!



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