You’re miles away

I’ve cried and cried
while the moon changes it tides
My heart aches along the side
Seeing you being drifted away aside

Gates closes as the ship leaves
I’m in love for what you believes
I’m in love for what you’ve achieved
But I don’t love the fact that you leave

We are family altogether
Now in the grey weather
I sit alone with my mother
what on the table I stare a feather

I miss you dad
I miss you so bad
There’s nothing to be glad
You’re gone and I’m mad

Why you have to go away?
Why it must be today?
I love you daddy, I’ll never disobey
But you’re still miles away

A letter came home, no happy tone
Mom started to cry alone
Wondered why there’s no ring on the phone
Then I know that you’re gone

Why you have to leave and not return?
Now everything here’s going to turn
Since we have you burned
Now my lesson have been learned

Even if You’re miles away
You will never be far in my heart today
I miss you even past and today
and I’ll never stop and will continue to obey

By: Megan Miarona dedicated to her beloved father follow her @


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