NEW Month!

I can’t belive we are already in march feell like i was making my new years resolution for this page yesterday. Well you know the drill, today is the day I make anoucements about what new things you’re going to be seeing in the page for march. Well here we go! let me begin by officially intorduce our new parteners. first off we have four new writers from AP: Megan Miarona @ , Life Death @, Kurlene-la @ and last but defenetly not least our beloved Tashiebooboo @ There is also a new artist with us her name is Samannie Estriplet she will be providing us with some cool art and even advise us in the future. We also will be having a new segment in this page and it’s call Story time! i will be posting a new real life story evey friday! are you exited, well I am. have a great time 😀


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