Let it come to you

The sky turns grey as the,
love starts to drift away.
The sun would no longer be there when,
there’s no one by you when you’re scared.

You would cry inside if,
the person you thought you love,
just randomly left you in the pocket,
of nothing but a broken heart bleeding.

Just to see the pain, 
there’s really nothing left,
to hold on to or let go since,
everything already been done for you.

There was happiness and peace,
until you realized the one you’ve met,
Was just a random act in your life.
Only a waste of time and more pain.

The one will be there.
May be forever to find,
but never rushes time,
otherwise you would just waste it.

Let it come to you,
and may there be peace.
Don’t go to them,
That’s just waste of time

By: Megan Miarona follow her on AP http://allpoetry.com/Megan_Miarona

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