Society is gone


Society is gone 

What gives you the right?
To kill, destroy, murder,
To cut off the head of any innocent women.
Without any feelings at all 
You take what isn’t yours
How dear you sin against god 

You post mindless videos on YouTube 
Of yourself having sex with a four year old child
The innocent now becomes your toy
The bible says 
The devil is here to kill and destroy 
But if the devil had a son it would  be you without a doubt
No emotions 
Only a scene of entitlement
We say we, love
We say we care,
But in our actions
There is not thing there  
We don’t give, we take
We don’t think, we dictate
Because the human life is worth not thing 
In our minds 
We believe that…. 
Another senseless killing 
Doesn’t affects us
Once it’s not your….
Family, friends, or love ones
It doesn’t affect us right    ????????
Wrong ….it does
Because what place is this
For the young generation to come
I tell you
Society is gone 

By kurlene la chappelle: follow her on

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