New Schedule New Schedule!

Well, new month already! new month new rules I know I haven’t been up to date to my promises for this year but I really want to make a difference this month. so to begin I have a new schedule (again) but this time I am going to try my best to make it a reality even without my laptop or phone (yeah I got nothing).

Monday: aka wake up Monday is all about the jokes and my struggles to keep up with work

Tuesday: aka pic day  is all about pictures random or things I related to this moth topic which by the way is love .

Wednesday: aka rant day is clearly the day I will be ranting about stuff that bothers me. There will be trash talking…like a lot of it.

Thursday: aka news day is the day I try to keep you guys updated in the world random or popular and things you should kinda know already. I will also post on that day feature artist. their work and more.

Friday: aka chill day okay every  will have it’s chill moments or even second but Friday should dedicated to only to chilling just things to help to relax.

Saturday: music day…just a little something…no names nothing just plain music.

Sunday: needless to say it’s pray yeah is you didn’t know by now I am christian and that will never change and I will talk about God whether you want it or not! if you didn’t like then leave (just kidding don’t leave) just try  not to complain about something that just has to happen.

There is a lot more to come this month…oh and I will be featuring my “work of the month” at the last day of the month anddddd if you make it thought I got a real big surprise for you guy coming up don’t feel like spoiling but it will be awesome my best work yet. I am feeling really good about this month but at the same time I want to be real. there will be days you won’t ear a word from me and it won’t be because I am lazy (well it may be why) but more importantly you have have to keep in mind that I have no computer access at home and I got school to take care and work and stuff so yeah. but will try my best to see this trough no matter well until the next post and by the way it all start tomorrow.


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