Today in health

Well it’s a new year and we all try to make resolution that will make make ours selves a new person for the best. One of new years most common resolution is to lose weight and to make our body look better and all that carp but how exactly does it happen? For most of us we will try to go the “easy way” by taking diet pills or try about thousands of other methods that big corporations out there are coming up with to juice every pennie out of you before you realize that their method is not working. Some might go the hard way and go to the gym and only spend about three month there before you quit. It just seems like whatever we seem to try to lose weight just isn’t working out for  you. This article seem to be going the way of one of these cheese get ripped fast commercial with lots of grammatical errors and this would be the part where I tell you how to lose weight is by buying whatever what I got to sell, well you know the drill. Well it’s not, I will tell you the true way to lose weight is to freaking get off the couch or bed cancel your gym membership trow away those pill and those useless machines ya got in your garage and run. That’s right I said the true way to lose weight is by running. No i am not talking about doing those sisi jogs you dare call running you do. I am talking serious speed and distance running. All you need to start is well nothing. If you want to get all fancy buy your self a pair of sneakers shorts and you’ll be just fine. run about 7 miles per day with an average of 6:30 minutes per mile, okay make that 7 if you have to but do not reach 8. Do that for a moth and next month I will tell you what to do next (if I am still in business). Believe me there is nothing more reliving but seeing yourself getting better at something you hate. I should know cause I tried it oh and try to do it with your friends as much as you can because running with someone your own pace will help you to go on, if you don’t chances are you’ll end quitting before you know it. Running is the way to go my friends and if you do it right you just might have a chance losing that belly you been complaining about for years now. Do yourself and your pocket a favor and stop wasting money! go the broke way or go home, that’s my motto. That’s not really my motto but you know what i mean. If you read this till the end not you know how to look like one of these good looking bodies you being drooling over for years and if you think you can’t do it. Then i guess those bodies really want isn’t worth the hassle and that’s fine. But please stop complaining about how you get how bad you look because I how you know it’s nobody’s fault but yours. just like my grammar but you know what? I don’t care you! Yes you I am talking to all of you grammar Nazis out there I don’t care and i do it on perpuse just to piss you guys off.


5 thoughts on “Today in health

  1. kait

    Lol. I won’t b a grammer natzi, but I will tell u I LOVE running and hiking. I run an 8 minute mile on average, but u must take into consideration I’m short n not really built for running. I can lift big time weights,though. I love doing that too. I was really bummed I injured my back and wasn’t allowed to do it a ynore. Now I hike and run. Like crazy. I hiked about 10 miles on Sunday. So… like… 2 days ago. I was so sore and tired afterwards, but seeing the beauty of the whole forest in the canyon below you and the waterfall across from you? It makes it worth while. I run alone a lot. Music being my only companion. It helps me keep my cool n keep up a good pace. 😉 gah, I’m an excersise freak.. lol

      1. kait

        Lol just make sure you are using singular and plural nouns correctly. Like: three month should be three months, and throw those pill away should be throw those pills away. 😉 just small stuff. *grammer 😉


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