Today in food: Mango

Today in food we will be talking about mangoes. I won’t bore you with the boring stuff so let’s get right to the good stuff. Mangoes are the best fruit on earth period. what makes me think that? here’s the truth I was born in a tropical island and the main fruit was mango that’s why. The thing came from South Asia in the early 1500’s. It got spread just like lots of things from his time due to white man doing what they did best at the time which is going out and destroying civilizations and countries. It got famous and found his way to the Caribbean around that same time. Today in South East Asian countries and the Caribbean is still considered awesome. Here’s the reasons. First off it’s not too big not too small. It has a seed inside that’s about 3 times smaller than the real fruit. Now let’s talk about good stuff the fruit has a really unique and awesome texture. It is sweet and not sour unlike some tropical fruits. you can even eat the skin of the fruit as long as you make sure you wash it so it doesn’t taste bird’s crap. For those that still care about their health this fruit contains about 23 nutrients including vitamin V, E, K, B1, B2, B6, B9, B5, Calcium, iron and many more. The best part is that it lowers your risks from getting disease like diabetes cholesterol and even cancer!!! yes I said it that fruit has that kind of power (not that other fruits don’t) but this has it to a higher level. Now if you’re drooling for a mango no further I got new for ya, it is not in your local supermarket. To get the real experience you’ll have to go to awesome countries like Haiti or India, because we all know food in these stores are not the best qualities. So the real message I am trying to say here is: Eat a real mango today and fight cancer and enjoy an exotic try to a badly rumored “third world country”Image!


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