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Today’s Featured Work: Preview at Whole: Makers

“Okay everyone Since we did such terrible job tonight I am going to be earing complain from that Joe Shmow tomorrow, my rest day and do you punks know what that means?!” the boss yelled as he smacked both hands on his desk. He then pointed his gun at us and said “Well ya know what this means don’t ya, one of you are doing the reports and doing the dishes…for a month!” he smiled as he glanced at me.

“Me? But I did them last time, that’s not fair!” I protested angrily.

“Well though crap! We wouldn’t be having this discussion now if you ever listen to orders” he said turning his back on me as he leaned toward his desk and crossed his leg.

“But if it wasn’t for me this whole operation would have been ruined thanks to your stupid plan” I responded as I took a step toward him. He stumbled a bit then said

“I don’t care you’ll still have to take responsibility missy and get to work”. I walked out his tiny office stumping as hard as I could. I walked into my cabin and sat on my bed as a pulled the computer toward across the streaking floor. “How am I supposed to finish a stupid report three in the morning about our latest mission which had let me to be doing this report?” I thought as laid back on the bed. “I feel like I should start from the begging like the day of my capture or something but that would take way to long, Okay I got it, I will start this story about tree days ago when we first got the assignment.”

What you mean to me (poem)

You are the lantern of my soul, 
the missing piece that’ll make me whole.
You’re the oasis of my desert,
I’ll be your lover not just a flirt..
You are my greatest miracle,
without you I’ll get critical.
My love for you goes beyond the endless sky.
I’d give up treasures for you and that’s no lie.